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Gameranger and other VPN's.

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Gameranger and other VPN's.

Post by Bryanx54 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:55 pm

Ok i have had requests for doing this by my co-admin and many of the forum's registered user so i am doing it now. Very Happy

This is the tutorial for how to link up the classic games from the PC and how to link them up to online games. I have done screenshots of each step as an attachment please look at these screenshots as they will give you brief idea on how to do this also if you have any other questions about gameranger ask me and i will go through with you personally the problems that you might have.

Things to check and do before following this tutorial.
-Make sure you download the VPN software gameranger this is the URL link to the site to download it.
-Make sure it is not conflicting with other VPN's (this is if you have hamachi on your machine make sure it is not running)
- That you have suitable connection speed and specs etc.

ok this is the step to step guide from yours truely Bryanx54 (if you are stuck or struggle to understand some of the terms i am about to tell you about please private message me).

Ok step
1. When you have downloaded and successfully installed Gameranger, run the program and it should pop up with some news about new updates with games etc. Also there is a friends windows of which you can add friends and fellow gamers to your friends list.

2. *note That you have to have same version of game your friend has e.g Age of empires has Two versions V.2.0a which is not my version and V.2.0b which is my version* this is essential for you to have the same version as your friend because you will not be able to link up. (if anyone here wants a copy Age of empires 2 i can give mine if you message me, as it has no cd crack Wink ) but anyway when you have the desired game on your computer it should appear in the group drop down box which should say 'My games' this allows you to see every single hosted game of age of empires worldwide make sure you join a game of the correct version otherwise it wont work it is as simple as that you should be able to join the game as soon as you click on one you want to play on and click the button at the top next to host should say 'join' and boom you are in a network game with other players.

3. If you want to host the game simply click the host button next to join and a new window should come up giving you all these other options such as 'how many player's, and giving you the option on changing it to private or an open match and also allows you to open previous saved games on the game options. Also on the top is a dropdown box so you can create any classic pc game you have on your machine to create a network for that game. once you have done making the options for you game click ok.

4. There we go it should come up with the room you have created for you own network game you as the room owner is allowed to kick players and stop the game on the side should be the list of gamers wanting to join your network game. When you feel you have enough players you can start the game.

5. This is where everyone should be connected to the game here you can fill out how the traditional game rules etc. *note* If you cant remember how you set up the game options in age of empires then please message me.
ScreenShot079.bmp This is to help with step 1You don't have permission to download attachments.(3 Mb) Downloaded 3 times
ScreenShot080.bmp This is to help with steps 1 to 4You don't have permission to download attachments.(3 Mb) Downloaded 1 times
ScreenShot081.bmp This is to help with steps 3 and 4You don't have permission to download attachments.(3 Mb) Downloaded 1 times

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Re: Gameranger and other VPN's.

Post by admin on Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:00 pm

Nice tutorial. When I get some free time this weekend i'm gonna try and set this up, need someone to play against tho lol Razz

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Re: Gameranger and other VPN's.

Post by Kingwayz on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:12 am

Nice... Good Work! Smile
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Re: Gameranger and other VPN's.

Post by Sponsored content

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